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Under the guidance of Dean Carol Shiner Wilson, the Committee members included Robbie Saenz de Viteri '04, Melanie Cohen '03, Kristin Kish '03, Melissa Matzuk '03, Sarina Ahuja '03 and Matt Targarona '03.

This ded- i c a t e d group was responsible for the selection of Student Advisors for the incoming students.

More importantly, one man cannot embody the College's successes. The College is something larger than its component parts; it transcends its component parts.

It is this collaboration of many that is at the core of the College's past success, and will continue to be at the core of the College's future success. Selling our privacy Skye Bassett Weekly Columnist • Picture this: it's on a Tuesday evening and you just got back to your room in East that's about the size of a broom closet.

David Long, the Chairman of the Board, also resigned his position following a negotiated set- tlement but will remain on the Board.

Both Long's and Taylor's settlements are subject to confidentiality clauses, although it was unclear at press time whether Taylor had actually signed the agreement.

News Editor The College has under- gone numerous changes in its 154 years as an institu- tion for higher education.

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The College has become a lot more visible and better known, the level of student satisfaction has increased, and the financial condition of the institution Continued on page 6 Committee chosen to select president By Lauren Wiesner News Editor Three faculty members and two students have joined in a committee to find a new president for the College. The facul- ty of the College was direct- ly responsible for electing Niesenbaum to the position on the Committee.For some, the transition flows easily, and they become acquainted with the situa- tion with relative ease. Whether it is seen on the stage or on the field, there are hun- dreds of examples of students that were the cream of the crop in their high school and are now just another face in the crowd.Star quarterbacks from all over meet each other face to face.There is no better definition for Muhlenberg College. forth by Taylor will While this time might seem- appropriate continue due t0 the for retrospection, The Weekly sees this as foundation he laid. It is because thousands of exceedingly dedicated and talented human beings came together in a small college in Allentown, Pa.

One man- be he the President, a faculty member, a staff member or stu- dent-can never embody the College's history, traditions and function. From Plant Operations who keep our campus in pristine condition, to the senior staff who maintain the College's management in every possible way, to the men and women of Wood Dining Services and everyone in between, the College is more than faculty, staff, administration and stu- dents. The exit of one member of that collaborative effort cannot destroy the work of thousands.

Following the termina- tion of Taylor and the resig- nation of Long, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer Kent Dyer was named acting President and John Heffer ascended to the position of Chairman of the Board of Trustees.